Saturday, October 27

Training again!


What a day, hit the road at 10:30am. Spun out to DCU and met up with Mike. EVENTUALLY Sean turned up, and we headed out to the Phoenix Park to get some lap's in on the Intervarsities course. Basically the same as the Dublin City Triathlon course. Met up with Diarmuid, one of the new lads in the club -Junior track team, and we started doing laps.

First lap was nice and slow, just getting a quick spin about the course. Second lap we spun up a bit faster, climb was a little harder. Third lap was at a nice fast pace again. Lat lap was a bit of a wind down, but i couldn't resist jumping off the front on the lads. :) needed to get an effort in!

Nice spin back to the college, then coffee and a wee talk about the Ironman with Mike. Nice 10km spin back to my house after, shower, drink and some foodage.

SO far a good day! 65km under the belt, i think some pizza for dinner, then off to Peters for some social painting (Painting his house + drinking beers)


Mike said...

What a purty picture!

Greg said...

If only i knew what it ment...