Monday, October 29

Topo-Duo playtastic weekend

For the love of god why didn't the club get a Duo earlier. Best boat ever.

Myself and Ronan took the club Topo-Duo on a rampaging trip on the Liffey, our only goal being to do every weir wrong, and at some point act like idiots. In this we succeeded. Pretty much ran everything the stupidest way we could, Boxes on Lucan were interesting with us ending up going over the high wall by mistake. Standing up and switching places in the boat resulted in a swim (first of many). Playing in the River right hole in Wrens was fantastic, back surfing the boat, front surfing, and nearly getting a full spin in. Only got about 3/4 of the spin until we got stuck in the hole. And then we swam....well i swam and then Ronan joined me in the penguin's credo; 'Never swim alone'.

Good trip all in all, nice spin on the river, and a bit of alternative training for a while!

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