Thursday, October 11

This week i have mostly....

Been catching up on training and friends.

Got the cycling club stuff all up and sorted at the start of this week, we had to do a grant application to the college to see what money we can get. Then got myself out on the bike and into the pool. Have done quite a few short sessions this week , then one long session on the bike on Wendsday, 40km, few hills and nice fast flat sections.

Smoothed to 1 min samples

Most of my pool work had just been skills based, 25m on, 25 off. Alternating between different bits. Also it nice to be in the pool again. Its odd , i took 7 years out of training in a pool after Portmarnock swimming club. Now that im gettin back into it, i feel happy in the water, like an old friend....odd i know.

Other than that i have been drinking a little. Nothing to do with college, well not directly anyway, went out for a night with the Canoe, Swim and Cycling club last night. Then today we had a social thing on in the college from the faculty. Free food and free wine for 2 hrs. Savage. I may have got drunk.....

Back to savage training tomorrow, weights session, and a swim session!

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