Friday, October 26

I've been sick

Yeah its been a bit of a shit week in training.

I went over to Manchester last weekend, brought the bike which now has a home with Pauline over there! had planned to do a session on the track on the Saturday morning, nice madison session to scare the shite out of myself again. Then was going to go watch the racing at Revolution's that night. Chill out on Sunday, then come home.

What happened was i got sick last wed when out on the river, didn't feel to bad until Friday evening, woke up Saturday in a work of shite. Sore throat, headache, dizzy spells the works. So decided not to race around the track at full speed and just relax. Went for a walk to the nearby shops, half hour away, on the way was overheating and feeling crappy. Felt so bad in the shops spinny spinny bad. Went back to the house and watched Top Gear for a few hours, pumped water and Vit C into my system, then ate. Felt ok and went to the track to watch the racing. Great night, so many great sprinters. Had a few beers. MMM cheap Belgian beer.

Got to bed a bit late, still not feeling great the next morning, watched Pauline zip around the track for a while then went back to fluids and food to recoup. Flew home that night.

Still haven't been feeling to well all week, so took it easy. Been working a good bit lately, lots of testing, and combined with college work its been a bit of a bad week for training. Considering i only felt up to getting back on the bike yesterday.

Spin planned for tomorrow, weights and a run on Sunday, spin on the MTB on Monday, and if I'm feeling up to it (not lazy) I'm going to head out for a quick 5km run tonight. See how things go!

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