Sunday, March 22



Went to go riding up in Djouce with Waggers today. Idea was to be a relaxed 3 hr spin, kicking back and just enjoying the trails. First off, had a massive headache, secondly forgot the GPS (part of the idea was to get a .gpx file for the Djouce Trail Challenge), then to add insult to injury just starting into the sinlge track up XTC and my left pedal sheers off the spindal still attached to my shoe. Ok.... bodge time me thinks....even though in my head i knew it was fucked. 5mins of sulking trying to fix it before we just rode the 100m back to the van. Pissed off does not describe how i was feeling. Not even close...

Sulked my way to Enniskerry village where we got some chower and i had a pint. I bitched for a while and Wag's just laughed. Drove back home and now i'm looking for some new pedals. Grrrr. Should be able to return the other ones though as they have a 2 year warantee.

On the plus side i got a 3 hr ride in yesterday, freezing cold but at least i got the miles in. Going to the cinema tonight i reckon, better than surfing the web and spending money i dont have.

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