Tuesday, March 10

Long weeks and longer nights

I have no idea why but as the volume ramps up it takes me longer and longer to get to sleep. Don't know if its that i'm training to late at night, 8pm ending would usually be my last session, or if its that my body just takes hours to shut down. Last two weeks i've been having trouble sleeping, bed by 11 or 11:30 most nights but then cant get to sleep until 1:30 or 2 ish. The effect is that im finding it harder and harder to get my ass out of bed.

Normaly i dont mind this during a recovery week like last week but in the end i just get stressed trying to fit everything into smaller and smaller days. Suppose on top of this the weather has been crap and i can't stand being at home any more. Just killing me menatally.

Last weeks rest did me some good, still had a nice bit of volume but the intensity was well down on normal. Was feeling crap at the start of the week, but as i am discovering this is pretty normal for me on a rest week! By about Wed i was starting to feel up to it again and the head was sorting itself out. Good sessions all week and a nice MTB session on sunday with Wag's.

However on Saturday i went off with Andy to do something i've been interested in for a while. Airsoft. Went out to the Fingal Airsoft site in Stamullen and spent 7 hours sprinting around an old orchard, dressed in camo and wielding a Styer. Best day out i have had in a long long time. However the DOMS i had the day after....dear god. I have not been this sore in so so long.

Hopefully buy an AEG at the end of the month if i can afford it! This is to be my new non sporting passtime.

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