Friday, March 13

Fajitas and forx

Stupid brand spanky new Fox Forx are busto, need to send them back to Mojo in the UK, ggrrrrr. But at least they'll send me some nice new ones! On the plus side, fajitas last night, man i'd forgotton how much i love mexican food. Have some left over for tonight...mmmm farty.

Been a great week training, lots of bike mileage, nothing to hard but have a good few hours on the wheels. Nice 2hr session on Wed and a great hour half last night on the local trails in the twilight then the dark. Did all the nice climbs in the fading light and topped out on the lovely DH sections just as the night was setting in. Hammering down 'the ladder' when i happened to notice a flash of flurosecense ahead... anchors on.... HORSE! It just looked confused and the rider was happy out, bit of a scare for me but grand otherwise. Back onto the trail and another 30 mins on my own in the dark. Great session!

Long bike tomorrow, nice and easy then the Djouce Trail Challenge on Sunday. 20km loop on some of the new trails in the area. Looking forward to it, sure see how we go!

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