Wednesday, February 25

Taking it to the max

Tis the season to be tested. So i ventured along to the labs and got myself tested to see where i am fitness wise. Did a nice step test on the Velotron. Started at 150W then up in steps of 30W every 3 mins. Took the usual lactate and gas numbers.

VO2max: (@77.8kg) , absolute 4.5 L/min (peaked at 5L!!)
AeroWmax: 360W stage, failed 45 sec's into 390W
HRmax: 174.....hmm considering i regularly peak over 188bpm in races we thinks my legs gave up
Blood Lactate: Peak 11.6mmol
Lactate 'threshold' in at about 262W

Good increase in my maximal values, but a bit of a decrease on my maximal aerobic power. Normally up over 400W into about 420W. But its early season yet.

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