Sunday, March 2

Weekends are great!

What a weekend.

Saturday was deemed to be a rest day. So spent the day working on my bikes after a bit of a lie in until 9am! Madness, i was up at 7 but forced myself back to bed :) Fixed up my road bike and fixie. Then i took down my tri frame and started to go to work on her. I don't like riding the tri bike during the winter in case i damage it, or get it overused. But for the Ironman i want to get used to doing long distances on her so i'll be riding it allot more over the coming months.

Put it back together and stuck the Polar power meter on it for the season. Had to manufacture a new mount for it, but sure that just added to the fun. Simple enough job with cable ties and an old paddle shaft, similar to the design i used last season. Just refined. Went to the cinema with a few people to relax, saw National Treasure, its pretty good, predictable but fun. Great to just do nothing for an evening. Refused to do any college, or club work for the evening!

Today i got up at 7, wandered down, made some breakfast and left the house for 8. Met up with the lads from the club and wandered towards the TT course for the varsities. I wanted a nice long warm-up and then a flying lap. It was windy but not as bad as the last day, got a 13 mins ish on the course. Didn't pace to well, i will know this for the race, its always tempting to push hard at the start, then you just die. I reckon i can get it down by 30 /40 seconds. Fucked up one corner by scrubbing off way too much speed, and i need to sort the front shifter, other than that all is good!

Chilled out with Wags and Ronan for a while after the session, then spun home. Feasted on food for a while, but was pretty sensible about it too. Did a load of work for college club, finishing the order for the club kit and did some varsities stuff too. Bit more to do for the varsities then i have an easy run tonight, another 5km, should take 25mins or so.

Back to work!

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