Tuesday, March 25

OK 20 days without posting is a bit crap

Yeah i've been lazy ok! Jebus!

Well lots has happened. Brief summary below, then i can get back to a more regular posting schedule.

  1. DCU won the cycling varsities. We won it by lots. Had a bad aul day in the RR but the TT went well. In the end of the day it just went to prove i'm not a roadie
  2. Training has been pretty consistent, allot of time on the bike, a good bit on my feet, but still not much in the pool. I just can't get past the fact that burning out from cycling has affected my opinion to pool training, i can do it, but it sucks!
  3. However i did a wee race pace effort in the pool the other day. Swimming 400's in 8mins. At a pace i can hold for pretty much 1,200m without blowing it up. So technically i could be looking at a 35min time, so well within my 45min time that i reckon
  4. Running pace is going well, doing 10km's at a well comfortable IM shuffle in 45 mins. Happy, means i'm within my target!
  5. Cycling is great, feeling strong and fast. TT bike is all together and ready for some long spins over the coming weeks, just need to get out now!
  6. Mountain biking, god i missed it. Went out again on Sunday. Great great feeling to be back on the bike. Man i missed it, looking at some races in the next few weeks and a few BIG challenges.... stay tuned!
I've booked some flights to the UK again, some to go to the track and some to go to Tri's :) its all good. Looking forward to spending some time there again, and with me off to Holland in a few weeks, getting my track legs back in action.

Looking for a long week on the bike this week, and first major brick session :/ lets see how it goes!

PS i shaved my legs....

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