Monday, February 16

Spring has sprung

Its warm again!!! Well above 10 degrees anyway.

About bloody time, i was getting bored of the cold and dark. Its bright until 6 in the evening now so training after work is becoming easier. I don't mind training in the dark, i just prefer training in the day :)

Grand old week, got a good bit of running in and a decent amount on the bike. bit of a poor week in the pool, TBH i didn;t get in the pool once....I'll be in tonight though!

Long week coming up. Lots of work work to do and some meetings and reading to do for college. The weekend will see me doing a strength and conditioning course with the IAWA, and trying to fit in a long bike and run..... which could be interesting. But sure we will see.

Planning two bike/run commute days this week (tues and thurs) may as well get the long miles in on the way to college and allow me to get some work done during the day.

need to get me some new compression tights though as mine are dead :(

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