Monday, February 2

Long dark teatime of the soul...

What a week, was feeling sluggish after Alkmaar last weekend so the start to the week was less than favourable. Felt like crap and wanted to kill people. Mailed Rich and he pretty much told me it was just cause of the training load, was the last week in a hard cycle and next week would be better. This made me feel a good bit better but that was Thursday...imagine what the 3 days before were like.

Anyway, did some good sessions during the week even though some felt very very laboured. Couple of good running sessions and i have to say my running is feeling fantastic. Managing longer sessions without having to stop, also feeling great after an hour half on trails!

Saturday had me doing my first real long run of the season. Was down as an 1:15 run but pushed it out the the hour half in my head. Ended up closer to hour 40mins but took some time at the top of Howth to recover before doing the second section. Trails were in bits. Mud and ice all over the place, impossible to grip in some places so having to use tree's to slow down on several occasions.

Sunday saw my first spin with the lads from Team-WORC...and Mel and Ryan from MAD. What can i say. I wasn't expecting it, lads are fast, very very fast. Fitness is normally a thing i can do, but they were well up on me. Not sure if i was still tired from the day before or what, but i suffered. Realise now that i need to do allot more strength work, and allot more climbing technique. However i do think that riding with WORC is going to get me that extra advantage that i need in Xterra. If i can paste people on the MTB, and then run hard off it, i can do this.

Unfortunately, i binned the bike and me at one section. Hopping over a log, hopped the front, lifted the back way to high and had to bail. Hit eject, over the bars, slam onto my right knee (typical) and rolled up. Knee is shredded again, it had literally just healed from the last time, and my left wrist is sore....not a good sore either. I can type, i can probably run, and i cycled home from the spin so it cant be that bad.....if its bad tomorrow I'll get Dr.Noel to look at it.

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