Tuesday, December 9

Race day nearly here...

So the club CX race is nearly here. Been working our asses off to get this a good one and hope it works out well. Been kinda sick on and off the last few weeks, random little coughs and sore throats so have been taking it easy as such.

So much work going into the race its been eating me up inside, trying to think of things we have forgoten and what may or may not happen. Going to take it easy during the week as my sleep has been suffering. Just need too ease off and try to have some form of kick for the race!

Supposed to be heading for a CX session in Firhouse, but going to head home and get some training in at the course, then a bit of practice on mounts and dismounts, and a quick run with the bike on the steeper sections of the course.

Man i hope this race goes well...

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