Thursday, December 18

Best race ever.....apparently

Well we had the club cross race at the weekend. It went well. That's saying a little, it went very very well.

Had a bit of a hard day before the race cleaning the course and getting all the last bits and pieces set out. Finally got it sorted and could relax the evening before the race.

Morning of the race was a little more relaxed than i thought it would be. Marked out the course eventually and got all the marshals sorted with the help of the crew who were helping out. Big thanks to all who helped, you know who you are!

By the time the race came about i was wrecked, no other way to put it. I could have walked away and just watched the race and have been happy. But fear not! I raced ;) Had to be done, no way in hell i was going to miss this race.

The feild loved it, it was fast, flowy and led to some serious racing. So many people gave us great feedback on the race. Thanks to the people who raced aswell!

Photos are located at :

Thanks to Enda for the fantastic shots.

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