Wednesday, July 16

Nearly finished work! Back in training....

Its alll good.

Back in the game now and back to training. have my first two weeks training sorted with Rich, and a nice Olympic distance race this weekend to get me started :)

Had the International race at the track last weekend. Felt slow in the scratch and endurance races but thats mostly just due to the fact i haven't been training for the track since the winter. felt good in the sprint races but could feel my power dropping off in the final 300m of the kilo distance races. Came 7th overall in the omnium and was happy with that considdering i was beaten by two Olympians and 2 national champs.

Got my new cyclocross bike at the weekend too....dear god it is sweet. Need to get it out for some propper practice over the next few days, but feel that i will have to work a bit over the next few weeks on the old MTB so it may just have to be happy with some quick blasts in the evenings. Had it out in St Annes on the course, then took it out to Howth for a spin on the quarry trails. Felt great, so much better response than the old flanders under speed, and feels great when climbing.

Looking forward to the next few weeks. Hard training, hard racing, and some good down time after!

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