Friday, July 4

Busy busy busy

Its been an odd week

Was suppposed to start back to some erious training this week, but a monir twinge in my leg, followed by a more serious finger incident (thanks Connie) has lead to just pushing back a few days. It's given me some time to think but has also allowed me some time to think about things.

New coach, new life style and end of a college era has left me pondering, and finding ways to hide from it too.

On the plus side; i do have a coach! I managed to get an entry for the 3 peaks Cyclocross race; and i also managed to get on the entry list for Ireman! A second middle distance this year. Happy about this now and looking forward to it allot.

Need to get my training mojo back now, time to move on up and out into the world.

On another note, looks like i;m starting a PHD in September :)


Dave Haygarth said...
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Dave Haygarth said...

Well done in getting an entry for the 3 peaks... very competitive to even get a ride... see you in September and please keep the blog up to date and post any Three Peaks news to us for the 'official' Three Peaks blog !