Friday, May 30

Switzerland and its Nazi Gold

Well i'm here. All the training is for this for this year. Not much i can do now.

We arrived yesterday and did some getting to know the place. Wandered about, found food, put the bikes together and generally just got used to the weather. Its warm. Not bad warm but warm.

Having to watch my water intake to try and balance between being too much and too little. Doing ok so far. Massive thunderstorm last night but not so bad today although it was threatening it all day.

Went for a quick spin last night and got back just before the sky opened up for about 2 hours. We got a bit lost but sure it was fine!

Today we got out on the bikes after breakfast. Did a nice 31km on the bike course, although we missed the biggest climb. We did get the evil one in which is supposed to be quite steep. It is. Happy enough with the course, nice and fast and not a huge amount of climbing on it.

After lunch we went and got registered. Quick and painless. Lots of free stuffs! When i say free we paid for them months ago so they feel free :)

Went for a quick swim tonight before dinner, water is cold, warmer than home, but the visibility is fantastic! 10m no problem. Quite looking forward to the swim now! Run course looks peachy too!

Pauline and Louise arrive tomorrow. Pretty much going to spend the day off my feet and just chill out. Get water and food in, and early to bed. Need to do a few bits and pieces, but other than that. Just need to rest :) Full day off is going to be sweet. Although i am vaugly thinking of a 10 minute run in the morning....

I feel good.

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