Sunday, May 25


Well in the last few weeks my two training races came up before the big race.

First race was over in Manchester , my first international triathlon! Flew over on the thursday without my final year project fully finished. THis was not a good thing. i had hoped to have had it done and dusted and handed in but things changed. Not my fault, just the project took on a life of its own.

Spent most of the Friday working on the project except for a break to go to dinner in the Gurka Grill. Pauline was away in college so it worked out! Mike had arrived over, and Odile and Maura went too so it was nice to head out with the 5 of us for dinner. All day Friday the sun was splitting the sky. Such a bad day to be inside but nothing i could do. I have pretty much the entire thing done bar a few corrections and a last proof read. So i was happy to say the least.

Saturday morning up early, finish the damn thing, then into town to watch the Para-Olympic wheelchair basket ball finals. It was hot seriously hot, made sure i kept drinking, but man i did not expect it too be this warm. It was measuring over 26C and no wind. Started getting to me later on the day, usual stomach cramps. Going to need to watch my salt intake during the race me thinks. Saturday was early to bed after a simple simple dinner. Just how it should be.

Sunday, 6am. Wake up. UUGh, should have been waking up earlier the weeks before. Damn it, change that for next race. Just made my wave start, wouldn't have made it if it wasn't delayed. Stupid stupid mistake. Beginners mistake. Warm does not even start to describe the pool, it was 32C in the water, i felt so uncomfortable, it was like swimming in a bath. Uughh couldnt cool down, my HR was going mad when i got out of the pool. However i did get out of the pool 1st in my wave! Time of 7:21 for 400m, felt good and cold have held it for longer. Bike, so so warm, such a nice fast course. Little longer than usual 25km, but felt good for the whole thing, nice and strong, kept to IM pace and held back for the whole thing, needed to keep it steady. last 10 mins pounded out on the way too T2 and hit transition running. Super fast CX dismount and sprinted in, felt great out onto the run, had to hold back, mental pressure to keep the pace down!!! About 3km into the run my legs opened out and i could push again. Kept an even pace all the way nice and fast but one i can hold indefinitely. Felt good. Finished in 1:22:37. For a longer bike and run i was well happy.

Was good after the race, not tired not sore, happy with that. Tweeked my ankle a bit.... more on that later. Spent the rest of the day working on my project, until 6 when it was finished, sent away to get printed, and then i could relax. Had a pretty easy night in after dinner, but didn't get up to much, Off to bed, up the next morning and off to the airporto with Mike.

Back into college on the Tuesday for a presentation for special populations, then a second interview for the same projcet. COuldnt ahve cared less about it cause at that stage it was the least of my worries! My ankle was in bits , no idea why but i reckon i tweeked it doing the CX dismount barefoot :/

Oh i started my new Job that Wed too :) out in Dun Laoighre.

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