Sunday, May 25

Fingal Triathlon - a day of suckage

3 years ago this was my first race. Did it as a relay, and we won! I love this race, nice bike nice run. Just a nice day all in all.

However last weekend wasn't. Didn't have a great week coming into the race, work was tiring me out, as any first week in a new job will, and other stuff going on in my head was just not putting me in a racetastic mood. However i was in the mood to try things out for the last time. Normal race breakfast, normal prep, normal music. Actualy had a great race morning. May have been a bit anti-social but thats just the way.

Got in the pool and found out most of my lane were aiming for 16/18 mins. I reckoned on a 15. So took the front. Went out hard for the first 1oom felt good, nice and strong. About 200m in started to cramp in my legs a little so backed off. 400m in pain both physical and mental. I need to stop thinking when i swim and just switch off!! Next 250m were hell on earth, got passed twice (pulled one back) and just felt like shite. FOr the last 100m i just sucked it up and went for it, hard and fast, push out you idiot!! Screw the plan. Got the place back but my time was well down. 15:56, not happy. Should have been 15, or sub 15.

Bike was good, nice T1, quick but not superquick. Good bike section, slightly windy, so took it easy, not to fast. 35min split put me in the top 50 and i wasn't actually going out as hard as i can. So one plus to the day! Then the run, had a great T2, fast serious fast like. Hammered out onto the run felt great, best i have off a bike. Was looking at a 22 or 21 mins run the way i was feeling. Then about 2 km in it hit, my left leg started to tingle and then the front of my leg just cramped. All i can describe it is pain like i have never experienced, had to stop, couldn't move for nearly 2 mins. Such pain. God it hurt. Started to walk and it wouldnt go away. COuldnt push off my leg at all. So ended up running off my right fore foot and left heel. Not nice, and not fast. Finished the run, only cause i would have killed myself if i got a DNF. 26:39 for the run. 5mins extra no problem, and about 2 mins extra between T1 and the Swim. yeah i did a better time than last year :1:20:19 (4.5 mins faster infact) but i should have been sub 1:15. ANGRY.

I've put it behind me, use the anger, use it this day week. I'll need it on the run.

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