Friday, May 2

Man i love my TT bike

Went out for a spin this evening for an hour after sitting at the computer all day doing my dissertation.

Man i love my bike, was a windy day and the wind was coming at all angles on the way out and in my face on the way back. Only got 30km done in the hour but with the wind i was pretty happy with that as an average speed. Felt good to get teh bike in some windy conditions to remember what it feels like when its trying to jump all over the place.

Need to do some fiddling to get it set up in the right position for the race. Need to tilt the bars up a wee bit (read a paper that this is actually faster with s-bends!) and i need to cut the extensions down by about 3cm i think.

Going to change the shifters that i'm using and stick some bar tape on the extensions, hands were slipping a bit too much. Pretty much just going to ride the TT bike from now until the race.

Coaching session in the morning for local tri club, then working in the afternoon. Going to take tmrw off college work totally and just relax a bit. May even have a beer or two!

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