Wednesday, January 5

Specialised Crux Review

First off i have to give a HUGE thanks to the guys at BikeHub in Howth. They have been a huge help to me this year after i smashed up my bike a few times this season. Paul sorted me with some great racing kit bike wise this year and i cannot recommend the shop enough. They keep buying me coffee and lunch too...

Earlier in the season I realised it was getting to double bike time. I've managed to race 3 seasons on only one bike, but was starting to get to the point where i was crashing out enough to warrant having a spare. That and some of the other kids are at it now as well ;)

Spent weeks searching the net, as you do, and pretty much decided on the Crux. Fills all the blanks about weight, fit, and colour. It was also a pretty damn close match for my UJC which I've ridden the past 2 seasons on.

Changes from stock were pretty simple; Ultegra rear mech, and a set of Frogleg canti's. (Didn't get on with the Avid brakes, and getting carbon pads for less than 45 Euro was near impossible). The Zipps and tubs were my own...more on tyre choices for the year later.

  • Internal cables on a cross bike. What more can i say. Makes it easier to shoulder, keeps the gunk out, and makes the bike look much much better.
  • Fork, its so stiff. No flex, no straying off line. Stick it where you want and it goes there. Braver than me.
  • Chainstay clearance is much much MUCH better for my heals than the last two bikes ive had. Probably not going to need to constantly apply helitape.
  • Looks like a carbon frame :) The amount of people who have done a double take when they realise its not..priceless.
  • When i was looking at the bike the first time i noticed the open end to the tubing on the downtube. OK..water does not tend to go to much upwards into the tube..but...when you are washing the bike and water gets into the tube it can flow down towards the headtube, where it then flows into the toptube...and wont come out. Pain in the ass.
  • Fork break brace thingy. Pretty much makes it impossible to carry with your arm across the i do. So either i learn to carry under the downtube or i deal with the bruises on my forearms for the near future.
  • Brakes, the stock Avid brakes are terrible. No modulation, but lots of kinda ok..but impossible to get carbon brake pads for in Ireland. So pointless. Swapped them out for Froglegs.
Would I advise someone to buy one? Yes. Would i buy one as a second bike for next season? Yes.


Jase said...

I thought it was carbon...

Greg said...

Nope. Aluminium frame. Alan (Crossjunkie) thought the same, as have many others!