Monday, January 10

Irish Cyclocross National Championships

So long 2010, roll on 2011. national championships were yesterday, and a major focus for me all season.

Not the greatest turnout with the defending champion not turning up for reasons known to some of us, an injury for others. Got a nice gridding spot on the 3rd row on the outside and the UCI commissar refused to let anyone slot into missing spaces so the grid was safe for the first few corners.

Tough course with most of the corners either sheet ice, mud over ice, or leaves over ice. All in all a very fast course, but one that could drop you at any stage. Frist lap saw me on the ground for a brief period not loosing any places though was a benefit, getting gapped to the first 10 was not.

Hard for the first lap, hard for the second lap, see where the gaps were, then ride from there. Ended in a bunch with a lad i knew from many races this season, and another roadie who was incapable of staying upright. 4th lap and i just had to go ride away as i'd nearly been in two crashes because of him so power on and ride off.

Yesterday was all about riding solid, staying on the bike, getting in as third rider for the club, getting the team prize. Nothing else. That was all that mattered to me. Ride smart, ride strong, don't get a mechanical.

55mins later we crossed the finish line. Team prize secured, personal goal of top 15 finish attained (14th overall, 12th senior). Season over. Standing on a podium is something ive not done in a few years, and man it felt good.

Also beards make you faster. FACT.

Big thanks to the guys from BikeHub in Howth for pitting for me, Dave and Paul. Bikehub sorted me with a bike for this seasons racing at a great price and have fixed it a few times after ive ruined it. Real help when it comes to not having to think about my kit.

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