Wednesday, January 5

Christmas & BikePure GP 2

Being over in Bradford for the National Trophy meant i missed the first instalment of this race. Based on how i rode that weekend it probably would have gone pear-shaped anyway so no issue.

The week before was the happy festive eating period and a time of busyness getting things done before the college closed. But the snow of the weeks leading into it left me with more time than usual as most parties were cancelled, people couldn't get about, and in general the country slowed down. Honeslty it was the nicest lead into Christmas i can remember.

Training was minimal on the bike as it was pretty hairy most days, the turbo got some use, but i got out for a few longer rides on the MTB with lads from Team WORC. All in all a bit less intensity, but a good bit of a base prep to ward off the beer and cheer that was going to follow.

Pauline finally managed to get over to Ireland after taking 4 trains, a bus, ferry, and a bus so i could drive her home over the mental roads. Honestly it was great to just get away from Dublin for the whole of Christmas. I'm not one for it, or the historical BS that has come with it in my life and it was a fresh blast of air akin to all this Vit D that I've been taking when dealing with issues.

After braving the frozen lake and roads we had to head home to Dublin to catch yet another ferry to the UK. On the way it was decided that i was racing as the roads were clear and everyone was going to be there. Awesome elite field with pretty much the entire club turning up. So at least the racing was going to be fast.

Sub 5minute lap was on the cards, plan was to hammer it, see what happens, but not fall over for a change. Was happy with the outcome of the race, even though the field was small, 9th, muddy, tired. What more could you ask for TBH. had some good racing with Andy and Philip until I dropped the bike and lost a place to Andy. Starts are still weak though. going to have to get the aggression I had in Lurgan back. Think that fall did more to me than hurt my elbow.

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