Thursday, January 7

Christmas makes me think of family

It also makes me think of all that i dislike about it. However, this festive eating period was different to others. First off i felt better going into it. Normaly i'm tired, sick of life, and not wanting to train. This year i was none.

I wanted to work, sure ive been under pressure but ive actually had some targets that ive wanted to hit

Life for once is good, i have allot going on that i love and more that i want to do.

Training has been good, at race weight before christmas, vo2 over 70ml, bring it.

But as per normal i lost the plot over christmas and managed to pretty much go on a two week bender, although i think technically i drank every day for 3 weeks. So weight has crept up.

Back to the grind is normaly Jan. Do the CX nationals, then back to base. This year im running the natioinals, and its been snowy, very very snowy. unreal.

Ive had to postpone it for 3 weeks min. This hurts me, more than you can imagine. I pride myself on few things, but one is not breaking a promise. I feel like i have.

Saying that, if i can get back to race weight... maybe i might get that team slot.

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