Friday, May 8

This and that

Well its been one of those weeks. Leading up to a race i normally pull in the reigns on training, eat well, get some sleep in and generally just chill.

This week was a bit odd, still down with training intensity and up with sleep, but trying to moderate my food intake. I really do think for the last few seasons i have been eating to much and just trucking along. Going to try and rein it in a bit, but more importantly eat well and in moderation. Crazy i know.

Light sessions this week were nice, easy bikes, easy pool, and easy runs. Last one or two bits this week and then race day on Sunday. Nervous about this one as its the first time in a triathlon that i've actually wanted to perform well. Kinda strange.

MTB is good to go now, just need to think about the little things. Going with my MTB race shoes as it looks like there will be some running on the course, i also think im going to throw socks on, but this will depend on the weather. If its bad, for deffinite, if not perhaps.

Tires are running tubeless now so the P word should be ok, but still going to run with a pouch behind the seatpost with tube, gas and levers. Had thought of camelback, but if im going to be running sections (we've been told we will have to as there are 1ft drops *sigh*) i want to be able to go light.

Trail runners need some sproing in them, so i'll head into town tomorrow at some stage to get some bungie, other than that need a C02 canister or two and im sorted.

Lets see how this goes shall we!

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