Tuesday, May 5

Shit its race season

Think it only hit home yesterday. It is now race season...first race is this Sunday...cock. I have no idea if i am prepared or not to be honest, think i should be ok, but i dont know. I spent most of the last week coughing up phlegm and lets just say training was sporadic at most.

Got out for a nice long MTB session with Andy from WORC on Thursday up on the local trails, then work caught up and friday was a write off. Saturday i was helping at a presentation for the Race Arround Ireland all day, then that evening for some reason i deacided it would be a good idea to start converting my wheels over toe tubeless. I offically have a love/hate relationship with latex at the moment. I love the ride quality of my new wheels, but i wanted to kill them for about 48 hours when the rear wheel would just not seal up. Sorted now.

Did a long long ride in the rain yesterday, well mostly riding, we ended up going mountainiering for a while...more on that later when i get home. Feeling better toda, but nervous, very nervous about this weekend.

This will be the first test of my training...

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