Friday, May 29

From Fingal to Seattle

Over a week now since the Fingal Triathlon out in the national aquatic centre. Haven't written about it beacause well, i didn't take it to seriously. Strange to even say that but it was a race that we used to probe and prod and see how i am going. Funnily enough quite well.... Came 36th overall with a new PB to boot a 1:13:38 or something. Carp swim, but a good solid bike and run kept me in place. Went out to hold a wattage on the bike and it worked well, held a 248W normalised power, then ran a nice 22min 5km. Felt good on the run, tired from the wind on the bike but ran good. Head kicked in a bit at the same point i cramped last year but i managed to kick my own ass and ignored it. Happy with the day, new 404's were out in force, good time, and 9th in the Intervarsities's...but i have to say i cared not in the end.

Over in Seattle at a conference now, weather is cracking, food is plentiful (to much so) and i've been relaxing a bit on my alcohol consumption, ive actually been out twice since i got here on Sunday and it's been good to relax. Saying that i've logged some miles on my feet, good long hilly miles, but i'll write about that later. Just back from a fasted 10km and getting hungry. Time to ignore mr Jack Daniels (not the whisky) and get the glycogen back in.

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