Tuesday, September 2


This month i have managed to do no posting what ever. No idea why cause...i've not been working!

Yes the joys of end of contract and just being able to flake out and train hit for a whole month, and have now moved into September as well. However the month of August did have its high points, with some racing and some good training!

Posts to follow on the good bits....well namely the Trans Wales.

Training has been going well and Rich has given me some good sessions. Weight has been steadily been dropping off and im down to a nice lean 78kg before i went away to Wales.

Lots of running sessions and the introduction of hill running into my training again has split up the boring road miles and im actually starting to feel a difference when i get out to run. Allot of time this month was taper work as i was getting ready for the week of pain. But it was good to get one or two longer run sessions in , 1:15mins, to see how my endurance was coming on.

Bring it on!

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