Tuesday, September 16

Training Mojo is back

Finally starting to feel good again.

I've been on a bit of a downer since Wales. Taken me quite a while to get back into a training swing and to get motivated again. it has been a long summer with allot of racing and training. Think the body is just starting to give up.

Had a nice 40 min run today, nothing hard just a steady pace but felt good pretty much the whole time. Had a good sessions yesterday up in Howth on the CX bike, bit more techinical riding and working on the setup a bit more. Think its dialed, may need to tweek the seat height a bit.

2 more weeks then the season is over. Just need to hold out a little more! CX season starts in October and i will use some of the races as target sessions. Rich is talking about taking it handy bar one or two mini events up to the nationals. i'm up for that! It'll be nice to get back into the gym and pool for the winter and wind the road miles back for a month.

Oh college starts for deffo on the 30th.

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