Saturday, July 10

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

This post could also be entitled: Can't sleep tigers gonna get me.

Every now and again i suffer from insomnia. Used to it at this stage. Normally manifests itself during periods of high stress, high alcohol consumption, or HIGH workload when training.

At the moment i am scoring low on all of those. Stress from work/life is low (Bound to rise next week before holidays), I've cut my alcohol consumption back to pretty low by normal peoples standards (not athletic standards, still on >4 units a week), and I'm in a flux period of large hours training, but little to know intensity.

I went out for a 2 hour MTB ride in the rain last night. It's a long time since i have trained in the rain as its been so dry, and i wanted to make sure if it craps out for next weeks HTN that i can ride well.

There were nettles, lots of nettles. I also came off my bike (clipped my bars in a narrow channel) and landed in a lovely soft over head high thicket of Foxgloves.

Turns out i am allergic to them and my legs are covered in hives. Thankfully i was wearing long sleeves and landed on my back and helmet as my face is not!

Pretty much spent the entire night awake as my legs are super sensitive to touch. Waiting for the chemist to open so i can get some anti histamines.

This sucks.

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