Thursday, July 8

Howth Aquathon Mk2- run fatty run

I will re utter this; i HATE aquathons. But this is one of the reason i've made sure to do this series. Bike has always been my strong point, swim used to be ok for me but not swimming for 6months bar in races has changed that somewhat, my run used to be very weak, now its just not fast, pretty middle pack TBH.

The lead into Mondays nights race was not ideal, never was going to be with the Euro's the weekend before, and a long ride 2 days before. But as the book of Gordo says 'get used to training and racing tired'. Very little sleep was not the way to go in tired, i think its supposed to be from training isn't it?

At about 3pm i was still feeling rotten, had been on and off the toilet all day. Probably a combination of long ride on Saturday and eating all the food i could find, mostly sugar, and the bottles of Lucozade sport i sculled in Kildare. i'd forgotten that it turns my stomach to glue for a day. The combination of this, and a few beers to many on Sunday meant that Monday was a write off. Quick hours kip between 4 and 5pm helped so much. Woke up feeling better and managed to get a bit of proper food in before the race.

Met up with Becks and Roger (two of GB age groupers from Man Tri Club) before the race. Got lucky number 1 for some reason at registration, D'oh. Thankfully the tide was in today, but was still going to be a bit of a wade to the first bouy. Maybe an open water start would be good, but who cares, its all part of the sport. Swim was ok, mid pack for the first 500m or so, then a bit of missighting sent me off course and i found myself on my own. Stupid mistake, cost me allot of time.

Had to run hard out of the water (after i ran back to pick up my goggles and hat). Didn't have a great T1 (going to need to change the Brooks runners, not that easy to get into unfortunately- back to the Newtons) so running hard to catch slots on the way out. Ran the first Km hard (3:40 mins/km>

All in all an ok race, 2 mins faster than the last time, but probably lost another 2-4mins (100m in the swim and T1) at least through mistakes. Fresh legs for the next one is the plan, see what i can do in it, hopefully get another 2-3 minutes off the time at least.

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