Monday, June 28

Hell of the West Kilkee

A race i've wanted to do for years. Missed a few entries in the past, forgot other years, and then other reasons as well. Race has a reputation for being a hard race, i do like a hard race, but i also like a good party, which the race has a reputation for too! With the Europeans next week Pauline wasn't going to race, so a bit of persuasion had me a driver for the day. Thanks Pauline! Nice drive down on Friday pretty relaxed evening and off to tent city early enough.

Nice late start (10am) ment that i could take my time with food and prep. Signed on the night before so rolled into transition at 9:15 to set up and then wait about for 30mins as they faff. 10:30am and we are in the 'chest high' water (aka deep water start as we all sneak forward) in brilliant skys, clear water, and a massive first wave. Good swim, felt fine in the water, pushed hard at the start to get to clear water, settleed in after about 100m, bit of fistycuffs over first bouy, ok otherwise. Found some fast feet at the turn around and just sat in. More aggression leaving the water and exited with a club mate (Archie) who i'd been swimming with all the way round! Happy with the swim, wasnt the fastest though.

Nice quick T1, lid on, shoes on, run out. Hop in, aim for upwards. Felt great on the bike, looking at HR i didnt push enough, felt as though i could have held that pace for the day so interesting to look at the power output later. Probably close to IM pace for me at the moment. New position on the bike is fine for Sprint and Oly, not sure for IM though. Wheel covers worked wonders with only one or two moments on what is a windy course. Not to much drafting that i saw, and some excellent course marshalling and markings.

T2, same old same old, in - out, run. Run, felt great leaving T2, running hard, about 700m in something went twang in my left leg, lost all power, on a 5km uphill run to the turn i thought about jacking it in, didnt. I have NEVER DNF'd and i wasn't about to. Thoughts of a 43min 10km went out the window. Gutted at myself, pushed through, not happy at restult overall.

Crossed the line and just walked off to go sit in the sea and have a bit of a sulk. Thankfully the post race cake and drinks and then more drinks and chippie made it a little better. Body was not happy the day after but we just did some tourist stuff and had a fun day. Today i feel like i have been through a mangler, body is in bits. Time to go stretch.

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