Tuesday, May 4

The un-pronounceable volcano

Well its happened to me. I'd pretend to be angry, but there is no point. Mother nature has once again raised her head and shown us all that she is in fact the boss, and those little things you keep flying around my head are pissing me off. Viva La Revolution. Welcome to Costa del Manchester, your new home for the next X days.

Its a funny thing how the world can one day seem like a normal easy place to live and the next second it all comes tumbling down. We've become so reliant on flying buses that we don't stop to think how long it actually takes to travel between places, that, up until recently were very far away. Flying back and forth from Manchester allot in the past few years i have come to treat air travel as just another extension of public transport. No longer does it hold any joy for me, no more than getting on a bus does, or any panic, more-so than getting a train. Yet every time i get a plane i become more and more amazed at how much we take it for granted.

Businessmen fly from meeting to meeting, never stopping to realise they have travelled to another country on the way. Athletes travel hundreds of kilometres to race, and then return never stopping to experience some of the country they have landed in. I'm guilty of both, maybe not in those contexts but for forgetting how far i have travelled for so little effort.

This weekend saw a social visit to Manchester. Some food, some beers, watching some racing, getting some running in, and spending money i don't have. All in all a pretty good weekend. Pauline raced Lymm triathlon (results STILL not up) and we think did pretty well. Race was cold, grim and generally Manchester-esque. Saying that Lymm was a nice place! Had a nice run on the run course, did a bit on the tow path by the canal, and generally just enjoyed the race atmosphere...of which there was little. On the plus side; Bacon Butties. YES.

Well I'm off for a volcano induced run. Who knows where it'll go. But i bet i get there faster than flying.

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