Monday, April 26

Long Ride Fail

So last Saturday i decided to attempt a long ride. 168km was the planned distance and i was thinking in and about the 10-11 hour mark. Plan was to ride solo, no assistance, all the food and water i needed with me. Mixture of a bit of training and some stress free miles after the last 5 weekends of torture in the basement.

Simple way to put this is as FAIL. I decided to start off with some music, easy miles on the road an just ticking over until i hit 3 Rock. By the time i got there i was in road mode. Fine for mile after mile on the road but unable to actually ride on trails. 2 hours in and i was in no mood to be on a mountain. I sat down ate some CARBOCAKE and then just had a wee mope to myself and shouted at the antennas on the top of 3 Rock for being C*%ts. No idea why but i needed to vent.

Up and over the back trail to Glencullen then onto the Wicklow Way as far as Crone had me second guessing myself all the way. Fair enough i had a big week of running and bike miles in my legs but still this should not be a hard ride. Basicly my mind decided to fuck me over.

Other times i would have rode home, but not today, this was a day to just ride, to battle the beasts to do what cannot be done and to make sure it stuck. Sure i failed on the ride, but at the same time i still did my 100km ride in 6:55mims can;t give out about that too much i suppose.....

Aim for the summer? WW in one ride. Simple.

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