Monday, March 29

New Kit Post

I buy way to many bike bits. Mostly though its small things like brakepads, chains, the bits that need replacing on a regular (sadly) basis. Of late though ive been making a concerned effort to get some more light weight and race oriented kit in the lead up to the race season rather than at the last moment, however even more so that than is the fact that it needs to be CHEAP. College PhD's dont pay much at all....not that they ever have.

2x9 Chainring Setup:
While back i started thinking about this. Cait Elliot from UCD was selling off some TA rings as she didnt want them so i picked them up. Stuck a Sram block on the back and a nice new Mavic chain. €100 for the pair of rings and a rear block. SCORE! Quite like how it rides, only time will tell though, and a few races when i put it on the XTC

Ekoi Diablo Helmet:
€79 for a 220g lid....ok this was either going to be awesome or the worse buy ever. Tried it on when it arrived, no issues, did the bounce about the place with the chin strap undone and it wont move. First ride in it last night. Awesome. Lighter than my Atmos, more air getting in, and looks better. Have worn it for a few rides and i have to say its great. lots of venting, light as a feather and the retention system is great. Only issue is my glasses don't seem to fit the best with it

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