Monday, July 6

Mid Season review and renew

Back into the grove this week, swim tonight, then back to it. If i train hard i can race hard. If i can think hard i can work hard. This is the plan, and this will happen. I've now resolved to do the following things:
  • Bed by 10:30pm Sunday-Thursday - Fridays and Sat's i can go to 12 if a good film is on. Need to get my sleep cycle back in gear
  • Up at 8am Monday - Friday - Sat and Sun depends on if i'm racing, or doing long sessions. Flexible but not stupid. Bed no later than 10am.
  • Focus on my work and read 1 journal paper a day
  • Reply to emails on the same day if they need doing
  • Train with focus and dedication
  • Make a little me time every week, but at the same time make time for others
Think that's it.... hopefully it'll actuall happen this time!

Overall not to happy with this summer so far, but things have been busy, and not everything has gone to plan. So i'll aim to rescue the season by turning out a PB in DCT (under 2:28) and 3 Peaks (under 4:45) so if i can do this i'll be happy. But more on that later :)

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