Friday, July 3

Feeling a little more motivated

The last 3 weeks have been hard. I've been about as motivated as a fish to leave water, i know i need to do it eventually, but lets be honest it takes allot of work.

Had a bit of a down week on training last week, just do what i wanted when i wanted to. Got some runs in, a few bike rides, even got out on my MTB. Hit the pool once, but should have done two anyway....

Saturday was spent standing around looking like a penguin at Andy and Aileen's wedding out in Celbridge. Great day for all, first time for me as part of the Bridal party and felt pretty important for the day. Nice chance to catch up with old friends, but didn't go to overboard with drinks, think i had less than 5 drinks in the whole day. Surprisingly easy to drink Coke and pretend there is something in it :)

Great day on Sunday, up late ish, off to a huge breakfast and then escape the hangover people and go to Wicklow for some trail running. Lashing rain, we first decided to go for a walk in our waterproofs...then i kinda cleared up...then just as we got changed it lashed. But we went out anyway. 6km run in 32mins on some very very wet rooty trails. Great day, nice easy pace but just loving being out with walkers clad head to toe in layers and us in shorts and t-shirts. Light is most definitly right.

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