Thursday, January 22

Splitting ideas

So many things to do so little time to do them in. Man i'm busy this week. unfortunately this means that training has suffered a bit :/ not so happy about that but nothing i can do. Between performance testing and doing demo's for schools i've been run off my feet until today.

To top it all i kinda ....well didn't kinda... i deleted my operating system on my new laptop playing about with a dual boot of Linux and Vista....i think trying to put XP on as well broke the baby's back. She got confused and fell over. Either that or the Great Cthulhu sent me a message to ditch Vista totally.

At least i got out on the MTB today. Trails were greasy as hell, but made for some good control work, managed to get a good 10min interval in, all uphill, about 90% effort. Still felt good.

Working on my nutrition a good bit more now. Getting more MAN food soon, so up the protein down the carbs, time to burn this useless Christmas flab off.

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Mike said...

I want me a cthulhu! He's pretty cool