Friday, February 18

Lanza Training Camp Recap

Ok it's been a while since the camp. Body has sucked up the workload and I'm well back into my 'routine' of training, aka getting it in where i can. No excuses for feeling tired, but I always manage to find them somewhere.

The camp was excellent. I didn't realise that it was going to be of so much of a benefit to train with triathlete again, ride and run hard, and get more swimming in a week than i did in the 3 months prior.

The week took the normal tone of;
Wake up, eat, get changed into kit, do exercise, get changed, eat, get changed, exercise, get changed, shower, eat, sleep.

Somewhat monotonous, but at the same time easy to focus on what needed to be done, do it, enjoy it, eat, and recover. Nothing else. It was nice to unplug, back off and just get on with it.
Was a pretty heavy week training load wise. Over 28 hours in total in the 7 days on the island. Broke down as the follows:
  1. Cycling: 17.5 hours
  2. Running: 3 hours
  3. Swimming: 7 hours
Within each of these we had some key sessions, and i had a session or two of my own that i treated key within the bike session. Highlights for the week were definitely the IM ride on the bike route ride, the triathlon that turned into an aquathon due to the wind(I HATE aquathons), and the hill rep session with Nick on the last day.

Overall we got huge volume in and some huge intensity on some days, i pussied out of a few sessions, namly the half marathon in the storm (well done Pauline) and TBH i think it was worth the trip. Already planning next years return to the song of my dreams:

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