Wednesday, August 4

Cyclocross Preparation

This the season to get skinny, and muddy, and wrecked.

Tonight the CX bike will be re constructed. During the summer Uncle John is a mild mannered bike that has seen me to the top of some of the highest Cols in the French Alps, spent numerous hours preparing me for the triathlon season, and has suffered the indignity of being locked beside lower class bike in college.

Come August Uncle John gets and ictch. He needs to feel the grit in his chain, the mud under his tires, and needs to go sideways in corners rather than straight through. Gears get stripped from 50.39 to a single 42 on the front. Rear ratios change. Tires are shed for some grip and the tubs need to get attention.

Tonight the cross bits come out of the attic. The clinchers go on for some training. Tire marks on the 2009 nationals course is the plan. Hopefully i can remember how to corner and remount.

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