Thursday, February 4

Research Subjects needed!

The Effect of Acute Sleep Deprivation on Cycling Performance.

The School of Health and Human Performance at DCU are conducting a research study to investigate the effects of acute sleep deprivation on physiological and psychological function of endurance trained cyclists. The purpose of this study is to investigate how sleep deprivation and quality of sleep affects endurance cyclists during longer duration cycling events such as the Race Across America, Race Around Ireland, and 24 hour mountain bike racing.

We are looking for healthy physically active male cyclists who have been training for a minimum of the past 6 months and have raced within the past year. The testing will involve a minimum of four trips to the Health and Human Performance laboratories’ based in Dublin City University. This will include an initial visit for maximal fitness testing (via a VO2max test), two over night stays, and a final visit to measure recovery. During one of the overnight stays participants will remain awake for 24 hours with intermittent monitoring of physiological and cognitive measures, the other overnight stay will involve the participants following normal sleep and diet patterns.

During these trips to the performance labs in DCU you will undergo monitoring of cycling performance via a 20 minute time trial (via a cycle ergometer), physiological performance (via heart rate, respiration, lactate and sleep quality measurement), cognitive performance (via four computerized cognitive function tests), and have blood taken via a venous blood sample for analysis in DCU laboratories. You will be tested in a similar fashion 4 times throughout the 24 hour period. For another of the visits you will be allowed to sleep for a maximum of 8 hours and will be tested 4 times (as above) over the 24 hour period.

After the tests have been performed you will be given information relating to your current level of fitness, as well as the influence of sleep deprivation on you. You will also receive feedback based your fitness during the VO2max trial which can be used to set training zones and targets for the summers racing.

If you would like to hear more about this study or would consider participating, please contact Gregory May (Ph: O1-7OO8214 (office) 10am- 5:30pm Mon-Fri, O87-9O83684 (mobile) or email: gregory.c.may(at)

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D said...

Hi Greg,
Nice blog,My name is Donncha Cuttriss and Im competing in the Race Around Ireland in September.I would be be interested in your test.Im not in top shape at the moment though.Im off to train in Spain and Germany next month for form March 19-April 12 and will be in good shape after that.Im not a top racer over short distances. When would you be doing the test or is it flexible.Ive just started a blog on my training if you would like to check it out at