Friday, August 31

Taking the Plunge

Well today was the day.

I've entered Ironman Switzerland 70.3.

That's my receipt. Now i have to do it.

I decided a while ago after reading a book about a guys Ironman adventure, Not Normal Behaviour -Stuart Staples, that this was for me. However due to going into my final year in college and trying to juggle a winter track season in the UK i decided not to decide to do a full Ironman straight away.

However I'm thinking about IM Uk next August....

The plan with this blog is to cover what I get up to over the next few months, days and hours. I'm going to generally post my training here and anything else that i can think about.



Mike said...

Good man, now I better get up off my backside and get entered too!

Greg said...

:) Sooner the better, then you can put off training for longer!